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30/05/2013 11:28

Bilderberg Conferences

Prince Bernhard of the NetherlandsPrince Bernhard of the Netherlands - personal background and his part in starting the Bilderberg Conferences

Bilderberg 7/7 9/11 New World Order & Diana, Now That's Weird, Tony Gosling
Why Princess Diana was assassinated, Bilderbergs, the New World Order, control of the news media in Britain, 7/7 and 9/11. These are just some of the topics covered in this episode of "Now That's Wierd". One watch of which of this 45 minute show reminds us just how many subjects are reported in a biased way or not reported at all within the NATO countries.
Tony Gosling is an ex-BBC local radio reporter and researcher and now editor of his own website and a 9/11 discussion forum which takes a serious look at some of the holes in the official 'terrorism' stories on which the so-called War on Terror is based.
Interview is by Ross Hemsworth.

Edge Media Television (Sky 200)

Please note that there are two other key figures in the creation of Bilderberg: Joseph Retinger and Sir Colin Gubbins.

05Mar10 - Daily Telegraph - Dutch Prince Bernhard lied, 'was member of Nazi party'

09Mar10 - Queen's father, Bernhard, a creature of his own myths

Project CA-35 - U-boat research into Nazi-Bilderberg connections in Boston, Mass.

The Prince and the Nazis - Extract from 'H. R. H. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands; an authorized biography' Harrap, 1962. by Alden Hatch

Bernhard and IG Farben background explored

U.S./Nazi connections - Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler - Bernhard's employer, I.G.Farben, is discussed

1975 - The Lockheed Scandal - The Grease Machine Exposed - extract from David Boulton's book: 'The Lockheed Papers'

At The Hand Of Man - The White Man's Game - Extract from Raymond Bonner's book on Bernhard's World Wildlife Fund

COMODO - Group campaigning to expose the Dutch Royal Family

13Feb11 - Dutch Royal family insights

Jun94 - What's Wrong with "Sustainable Use"?

30Jun03 - Newsweek - Fall of the Royal Fortune; How a Dutch prince knocked his family down the Forbes list

26Jun03 - New Zealand Herald - Royal fortunes tricky to pin down

Bilderberg 2013: Birth of the Global Tax System . New World Order is already here.!

Published on May 28, 2013

The timing could not be any better. Google, the great innovator may just provide the pretext allowing a global government to bypass sovereign citizens and voters in individual countries and implement a new global tax system.

In public, UK Chancellor George Osborne and Labour leader Ed Miliband are attacking Google for avoiding paying millions in corporate tax into British coffers, but in private they are rubbing elbows with Google CEO Eric Schmidt at the Grove Hotel in North London, first at Google's pre-Bilderberg Summit, and later at next week's Bilderberg Meeting at the same venue. And while internet monopoly giants argue about the issue of unpaid tax, plans are being drawn up for a new global profit tax regime.

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